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One of the newest casino games to hit the Internet is Sicbo, which means “twenty one” in Italian. Sicbo is similar to many other popular casino games like Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and Poker, but it island-based instead ofvirtual casino. Sicbo was launched in 2005 and is available in five major European countries. The game is often described as timeless and ideal for both novice and professional gamblers alike.

Similar to other popular casino games, Sicbo focuses on the classic gambler’s dilemma: whether to risk more money than the current casino offers or to stand and lose only the half of the bet. The casino offers a choice of betting levels, starting at a $5 buy-in for the lowest level (25 cents/line bet) and going up in line with the table maximum until a player risks losing that much money. After any of the three betting levels are reached, the hand is over and the dealer records the total score for the hand. Players win money if their hand totals more than the dealer’s hand, and lose if their hand totals less than the dealer’s hand.

Unlike other casino games, Sicbo allows players to make an unlimited number of wagers during any live game. A bet is paid out at the casino’s expense if the player wins, but the exact amount that can be won is dependent on the payouts the player was allowed.

Sicbo is played for fun or for real with no necessary knowledge of the game. The object of the game is to make the best hand that can be made from the cards that are dealt to the player.

How to Play Sic Bo

The game is played like playing Texas Hold’em, except that when the dealer draws a card to the face down Sic Bo player, instead of dealing an additional card to that player, the player is dealt an additional card face up on the table as if the dealer had just drawn his or her card. The Sic Bo player then decides whether to risk his bet or not, to continue taking the cards or to draw no more cards. Once this decision is made, the dealer exposes his entire hand.

The hail and how Sic Bo is played

As Sic Bo is played with 3 decks of cards, up to 6 players can participate in the game at any one time. All of the players’ cards are dealt by the dealer and each of them start the game with the same number of chips, around 500. (If the first two players go bust, the dealer takes the cards and the third dealer deals more cards to the remaining two players).

The dealer deals three cards to each of the players and one card to himself, ultimately dealing an additional four cards to each of the players and one card to himself. The three cards that the dealer deals to the player are dealt face up, while the one card he gives to the player is dealt face down. Each of these cards must be dealt face up, before any cards can be dealt to the players. During the game, the player can hit (Take another card), stand (Keep the cards that the player has), split (Another player can split his hand in half and play each of the cards as separate hands), flop (Another player can flop his cards in half and draw separate hands), and drain (The player has to draining the entire betting on the first half of his hand, in much the same way as he would during a regular game).

Actually, the more experienced a casino is, the easier it is to win because they have more experience population. Which means, the more people playing, the more chances of a player to get lucky and win.

The scoring method used in Sic Bo is simple. Always remember to add up your scores for each hand played. The scores are based on a 0 – 100 points system. With every addition you make, you can either increase or decrease your points. You can even go as far as to have a ¼ point, which means you double your money. A ¾ point bet can net you eight or nine coins.

When you are satisfied with your hand, statistically speaking your party would have a very high score, and an equally high or low score. This would depend on the number of coins you bet. When you are first time to draw a third coin, the game will typically end in a tie, therefore, no money will be exchanged. Therefore, if your playthrough results in a 21 coin score, you are paid 3 coins for every coin bet, provided that the dealer did not bust. In short, a coin bet can be either a small or large payouts. The small ones go as far as a quarter, however, if you are playing for a bonus, you may be limited on the maximum coins you can bet.

In the exciting world of Sic Bo, you would be well advised to play with intent of earning lots of money.


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